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Salam everyone, welcome to Modern Persian Blog! This project has been in the making for some time now and we are so excited to launch the site.

For too long, there has been separation amongst the Persian community. Issues like religion, politics, ethnic relations, and more have created division amongst us and have not been spoken about enough. We are a platform to raise awareness for the issues in the Persian community, as well as speak up for our Middle Eastern neighbors. It is our belief that without uncomfortable conversations, we will not progress as a society. We hope to bring the community closer together and we hope that by learning about those who are different than us, we learn to respect each other.

Along with our posts, we will include ways to be more active in the community with volunteer and donation opportunities. Additionally, there are links to other sites and sources where you can learn about our topics in even greater depth, if you wish. These links can be found on our home page by scrolling down.

We are so excited to welcome everyone to our site, we hope you learn a thing (or two) and connect with our community more.

Khoda hafez!

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